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Say Goodbye to Heavy Lifting with the Wesco Stair king

With the latest technologies popping out all over the world, people just couldn’t help but wish that some of these machineries or devices would do things on their own and serve their own purpose like moving stuffs from one place to another in order to make life really easier. Well, that wish has now been granted! If people are having a tough time carrying those vending machines or soda machines to place in the cafeterias and corridors or transferring several safes to secure it in a room inside the house or even in an office, an electric stair climber would be the perfect partner to do the job.


wesco stairking stair climbing hand truck

The Wesco StairKing

An appliance truck called the Wesco Stair King runs through a rechargeable and maintenance-free battery and is designed to lift and carry around heavyweight stuffs by going up or down the stairs. Even if those safes or vending machines weigh as much as 850 pounds, Stairking can definitely work it out because of its high torque, 50 amp motor plus a direct drive gearbox. It’s actually better than people carrying things around themselves, right? It requires less manpower so these things can be moved all at once if there are several people and some appliance trucks that can be used. This makes the task not only easier but faster as well. Also, its main rolling wheels enables to constantly and smoothly lift it up over the stairs causing no damage to the loaded object while the oversized rollers helps in moving it steadily even on wet and slippery surfaces.

The unit is also commonly used to transport large grand pianos and other heavy musical equipment. It comes with quite a few optional accessories, the most popular one being the Big Wheel Attachment which is designed for moving over grass, bumpy sidewalks or sand. These big wheels are similar to the wheels you would see on beach carts, but the coolness is in the fact that you can attach it to a powered stair climber!

A bit curious on how the Stairking works? It is actually made of components which includes a direct drive industrial gearbox, lifting chains that has a combined strength of 9,600 pounds, a high torque and 50 amp motor, an automatic rewind assembly which removes the slack from the belt before it’s tightened, a ratchet belt handle tightening assembly, sealed rechargeable maintenance-free battery for it to run and a switch that controls its upward and downward direction. These things simply make the lifting job possible. You can also check out the manufacturers website for more details, at

Getting this appliance truck to work is really not that complicated. All the operator has to do is to fasten the belt together, make sure the cargos are balanced and secured by tightening the ratchet handle, tilt the truck back then press the switch up if it needs to climb the staircase or the other way around. See? This electric stair climber is always ready to go.

The Wesco Stairking can be in 66 inches or 72 inches with a variety of accessories that are very useful in so many ways especially when it comes to the toughest lifting jobs. With a WLF aluminum winch lift attachment set, it can be used as a mini fork truck and stays in place exactly right where it’s left with its braking winch lift. When the loaded object requires full support, a slip-on platform model SP-20 is used and an added support is provided using the model NE-28 slip-on nose extension for soft items like boxes. The super wheel attachment with 2 10-inch inflated tires provides a 4-wheel support balancing the Stairking and allowing it to carry around the objects on rough surfaces over long distances. To lessen the chances of the bottom of the boxes where those safes or soda machines are placed from getting ripped, people can use a nose extension combined with a super wheel and slip-on platform.

People can now relocate things no matter how much they weigh pretty much anywhere they like without exerting too much effort which could sometimes lead to muscle or body ache. Need to go several times up and down that staircase to move a lot of heavy stuffs? The Wesco Stairking will definitely help finish off that job. Everyone can easily move around some safes inside their workplace or house and even a vending or soda machine if they prefer to have one.

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