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CSL Bell Carts : The Brand That Helps You Load and Unload Stuff Easily

Do you need an instant helper for all your heavy loads? Is anyone around to lend you a hand? If there is no one, let a bell cart do the job for you. Bellman Carts are the best answers to your heavy problems.
Hand Trucks as Reliable Tools
Hand trucks are excellent and reliable tools when it comes to moving and handling equipment. However, they can only be the best answers to your worries if you pick the right brand of hand truck for you. Don’t know which brand to choose? Why not give a go on CSL hand trucks?
CSL – The Name You Can Depend
Known as Central Specialties Ltd. (CSL), this company is one of the greatest manufacturers of carts and hand trucks. They are running the business since 1950. If you want to get a glimpse on their variety of products such as the popular Kiddie Kab and Easy-Mover Bellman’s Carts, you can visit their headquarters at Crystal Lake, Illinois. Alternatively, you can also take a peek at specialty online stores like this link:
In 2005, the CSL Company had an extensive growth. CSL had launched their food service and hospitality division wherein Gaychrome and Tubular Engineering merged to form a stronger and larger company. As you can see, CSL has been so long in the manufacturing field. That is why their customers love their products especially the hand trucks.
Most of their manufactured hand trucks have a titanium gold finish and a carpeted deck. Different CSL models can have options on carpeted deck colors. Some models have a fold-up noses which are very useful to save space. The wheels are also big enough to move smoothly in smooth terrains.
CLS as Trusted by Hotel Owners
CSL hand trucks, especially the bellman carts, are handy carts that you can use in a hotel setting or even at your condominium. The brand has a long list of hotel owners as part of its clientele. For hotel owners, you can put the bags and suitcases in CSL bellman carts and you would surely impress your clients. Your clients will surely feel relieved from that exhausting experience with the brand new CSL hand truck.
Other CSL models are geared with hooks for smaller bags so that you can put on more luggages. They also have accessories for extra support whenever you are loading or unloading stuff. We sure don’t want to have falling luggage or items when we move around. Most often, CSL hand trucks can carry about a 500 pound of heavy load.
Expect Quick Delivery
If you order from CSL, you can have your hand truck right away in just about three to five days. You can expect your hand truck to be delivered promptly and you will surely look forward to their years of service.

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