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Say Goodbye to Heavy Lifting with the Wesco Stair king

With the latest technologies popping out all over the world, people just couldn’t help but wish that some of these machineries or devices would do things on their own and serve their own purpose like moving stuffs from one place to another in order to make life really easier. Well, that wish has now been granted! If people are having a tough time carrying those vending machines or soda machines to place in the cafeterias and corridors or transferring several safes to secure it in a room inside the house or even in an office, an electric stair climber would be the perfect partner to do the job.


wesco stairking stair climbing hand truck

The Wesco StairKing

An appliance truck called the Wesco Stair King runs through a rechargeable and maintenance-free battery and is designed to lift and carry around heavyweight stuffs by going up or down the stairs. Even if those safes or vending machines weigh as much as 850 pounds, Stairking can definitely work it out because of its high torque, 50 amp motor plus a direct drive gearbox. It’s actually better than people carrying things around themselves, right? It requires less manpower so these things can be moved all at once if there are several people and some appliance trucks that can be used. This makes the task not only easier but faster as well. Also, its main rolling wheels enables to constantly and smoothly lift it up over the stairs causing no damage to the loaded object while the oversized rollers helps in moving it steadily even on wet and slippery surfaces.

The unit is also commonly used to transport large grand pianos and other heavy musical equipment. It comes with quite a few optional accessories, the most popular one being the Big Wheel Attachment which is designed for moving over grass, bumpy sidewalks or sand. These big wheels are similar to the wheels you would see on beach carts, but the coolness is in the fact that you can attach it to a powered stair climber!

A bit curious on how the Stairking works? It is actually made of components which includes a direct drive industrial gearbox, lifting chains that has a combined strength of 9,600 pounds, a high torque and 50 amp motor, an automatic rewind assembly which removes the slack from the belt before it’s tightened, a ratchet belt handle tightening assembly, sealed rechargeable maintenance-free battery for it to run and a switch that controls its upward and downward direction. These things simply make the lifting job possible. You can also check out the manufacturers website for more details, at

Getting this appliance truck to work is really not that complicated. All the operator has to do is to fasten the belt together, make sure the cargos are balanced and secured by tightening the ratchet handle, tilt the truck back then press the switch up if it needs to climb the staircase or the other way around. See? This electric stair climber is always ready to go.

The Wesco Stairking can be in 66 inches or 72 inches with a variety of accessories that are very useful in so many ways especially when it comes to the toughest lifting jobs. With a WLF aluminum winch lift attachment set, it can be used as a mini fork truck and stays in place exactly right where it’s left with its braking winch lift. When the loaded object requires full support, a slip-on platform model SP-20 is used and an added support is provided using the model NE-28 slip-on nose extension for soft items like boxes. The super wheel attachment with 2 10-inch inflated tires provides a 4-wheel support balancing the Stairking and allowing it to carry around the objects on rough surfaces over long distances. To lessen the chances of the bottom of the boxes where those safes or soda machines are placed from getting ripped, people can use a nose extension combined with a super wheel and slip-on platform.

People can now relocate things no matter how much they weigh pretty much anywhere they like without exerting too much effort which could sometimes lead to muscle or body ache. Need to go several times up and down that staircase to move a lot of heavy stuffs? The Wesco Stairking will definitely help finish off that job. Everyone can easily move around some safes inside their workplace or house and even a vending or soda machine if they prefer to have one.

CSL Bell Carts : The Brand That Helps You Load and Unload Stuff Easily

Do you need an instant helper for all your heavy loads? Is anyone around to lend you a hand? If there is no one, let a bell cart do the job for you. Bellman Carts are the best answers to your heavy problems.
Hand Trucks as Reliable Tools
Hand trucks are excellent and reliable tools when it comes to moving and handling equipment. However, they can only be the best answers to your worries if you pick the right brand of hand truck for you. Don’t know which brand to choose? Why not give a go on CSL hand trucks?
CSL – The Name You Can Depend
Known as Central Specialties Ltd. (CSL), this company is one of the greatest manufacturers of carts and hand trucks. They are running the business since 1950. If you want to get a glimpse on their variety of products such as the popular Kiddie Kab and Easy-Mover Bellman’s Carts, you can visit their headquarters at Crystal Lake, Illinois. Alternatively, you can also take a peek at specialty online stores like this link:
In 2005, the CSL Company had an extensive growth. CSL had launched their food service and hospitality division wherein Gaychrome and Tubular Engineering merged to form a stronger and larger company. As you can see, CSL has been so long in the manufacturing field. That is why their customers love their products especially the hand trucks.
Most of their manufactured hand trucks have a titanium gold finish and a carpeted deck. Different CSL models can have options on carpeted deck colors. Some models have a fold-up noses which are very useful to save space. The wheels are also big enough to move smoothly in smooth terrains.
CLS as Trusted by Hotel Owners
CSL hand trucks, especially the bellman carts, are handy carts that you can use in a hotel setting or even at your condominium. The brand has a long list of hotel owners as part of its clientele. For hotel owners, you can put the bags and suitcases in CSL bellman carts and you would surely impress your clients. Your clients will surely feel relieved from that exhausting experience with the brand new CSL hand truck.
Other CSL models are geared with hooks for smaller bags so that you can put on more luggages. They also have accessories for extra support whenever you are loading or unloading stuff. We sure don’t want to have falling luggage or items when we move around. Most often, CSL hand trucks can carry about a 500 pound of heavy load.
Expect Quick Delivery
If you order from CSL, you can have your hand truck right away in just about three to five days. You can expect your hand truck to be delivered promptly and you will surely look forward to their years of service.

Becoming A Boy Scouts Leader

When I was a child my dad and I participated heavily in a networking group called Indian Guides. The program was similar to the Boy Scouts but was run through the Indian tribes. I think it was the precursot to the now famous boy scouts.

21st World Scout Jamboree

The 2007 World Jamboree will be held from July 27th until August 8th, 2007 in the United Kingdom. The World Jamboree is an international camporee designed to develop brotherhood, a spirit of friendship and a source of understanding among young people from countries around the world who have scout associations.

Hudson Valley Council should be proud. BSA Northeast Region has selected Leo Gesvanter, Gilles Reimer, John Kelly and Jeremy Berkowitz, for troop leadership positions in our region. These scouters were selected over hundreds of applicants from across the NE Region’s 13 states and territories area, as well as BSA scouters in Europe.

Applications are available online or at the Council Services Center. Submit applications with the initial fee (check or money order) to the Council Services Center, Attention: International Committee.

More information can be found on the 21st World Scout Jamboree Website.

Hudson Valley Council Training Resources

In the spirit of providing the best leaders for our scouts, we have compiled a complete 2006-2007 Training Catalog. This catalog not only includes each district’s dates (subject to change) but also a description of every training course offered by the Hudson Valley Council.
This training section is divided into sections for training in specific areas and will aim to provide comprehensive guidance and resources for training for Cub Scout Leaders, Youth Protection Training and Wood Badge Training. Further training will be added in the future.

Hudson Valley Council University of Scouting

I want to personally thank everyone who attended the 20th anniversary 2007 University of Scouting. Your dedication to the youth we serve is inspiring, and your support of the University is truly appreciated. You took advantage of over 60 courses available in all areas of Scouting to help you do your Scouting jobs better in your units, districts & councils. The enthusiam and smiles I saw throughout the day told me we are on the right track. The planning for UOS 2008 has already begun. Thank you again for your support and your ideas. We hope to see all of you (and friends!) next year!

From the heart, Bill Rave, President, University of Scouting, Hudson Valley Council.

Camping Under The Stars

Camp Theme:   “Under the Big Top”  (Circus)

Camp Nooteeming, located in Salt Point (near Poughkeepsie), provides programs and opportunities for your Cub Scout to enjoy the outdoors.  This 300 acre camp features archery, crafts, a waterfront, sports and outdoor skills. The camp is inspected by the Dutchess County Health Department and is accredited by the Northeast Region, Boy Scouts of America. It is essential to stay organized when going on a scouting trip. We recommend you organize everything you need in a service cart or utility cart while packing. The different shelves and drawers are conducive to keeping yourself organized. We found some great ones here.

Resident Camp Program

Come to sleep-away camp with your own home den/pack leadership.

Day Camp Program

Day camp with either home den/pack leadership or camp leadership. Extended hours and limited busing available.

Weekend Programs
(All weekend programs require parent participation)

Parent-Son Weekends
Advancement based weekend program.

Family Camping Weekend
Fun for your whole family!

“Taste of Nooteeming” Weekend
Fun weekend based on using camp facilities and resources.

2002 Camp Fees
Resident Camp

Weekly Fee   $225.00
Late Fee (if not paid up by April 1st)  $25.00

First two leaders free for up to the first eight Cubs, one additional leader free for one to four additional Cubs.  Extra leaders $ 50.00 each. Free “Early Bird Patch” if fees are received by April 1st.

Day Camp

Weekly Fee$125.00
Late Fee (if not paid up by April 1st)25.00

Discounts for dens/packs that attend with their own leaders. Free “Early Bird Patch” if all fees are received by April 1st.

Weekend Programs

Fees will be announced in the camp brochure.


2002 Program Calendar

May 31-June2                     Parent-Son Weekend 1
June 2                                Open House
July 5-7                              Family Camping Weekend
July 7-12                             Resident Camp
Week 1
July 8-12                             Day Camp
Week 1
July 14-19                           Resident Camp
Week 2
July 15-19                           Day Camp
Week 2
July 19-21                           Parent-Son Weekend 2
July 21-26                           Resident  Camp
Week 3
July 22-26                           Day Camp
Week 3
July 29-August 2                  Day Camp Week 4
August 2-4                           “Taste of Nooteeming” Weekend
August 5-9                           Day Camp
Week 5
August 12-16                        Day Camp
Week 6

Prepare Your Pack for Camp


Unit signup for camp starts.
Schedule a Camp Presentation for  Pack Meeting.
Promote the “Give your child a week in camp” plan.


Schedule a Camp Presentation for  Pack Meeting. Promote the “Give your child a week in camp” plan.


Camp Presentations held at pack meetings.


Use the FREE Camp Placemats at your Blue and Gold Dinner.


Camp Brochure mailed to all Cub Scouts.

April 1

Early Bird Incentive registration deadline.  Late Fee starts.

June 2

Open House held.

Two Weeks Prior to Attendance at Camp
All fees due.

Camp Bullowa

Scenic Camp Bullowa, located in Stony Point NY, celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2007. Nestled in the northern corner of Rockland County, the camp’s 300 acres of fields and trails serves local youth through such programs such as Cub Scout Day Camp, Boy Scout activities, shooting sports area, as well as fishing and boating on Lake Boyce. Other resources include the Training Center and the Hudson Valley Council’s Scouting Museum. The property is overseen by Camp Ranger Joe Langdon and the camp is available for use year round by Scout units, as well as outside groups.

Weekend Camping

Year-round weekend camping is available to in and out-of-council scouting units as well as non-scouting groups by calling the Council Service Center.

The following facilities can be rented. Prices are listed per weekend unless otherwise noted. Facilities include the rifle range, hiking trails, Lake Boyce, and other programs areas.

There will be a $20.00 heating surcharge per building per weekend for the month of November – April.

There will be a $25.00 cleaning charge assessed (at the Ranger’s discretion) when necessary. Rental of canoes are $10.00 per day per canoe. Rental of other facilities are available on request through the Hudson Valley Council (845) 497-7337, ext 300.

Cub Scout Summer Camp Programs

Camp Bullowa offers two exciting summer camping opportunities for our Cub Scouts. They are Cub Scout Day Camp and a Cub Parent Weekend. If your son has experienced the fun and excitement of either Day Camp or Cub Parent Weekend, then WELCOME BACK for a summer of “Knights in the Woods“! If this will be your first experience at camp, then rest assured we would do everything to make your son’s (and yours!) experience the best possible! Take some time with your son, if you can, to share that with him. These memories are priceless and last a lifetime.

We will have Magliner Brand hand trucks by the front entrance if you have luggage you need to get into the camp for your convenience.
To get more information about a particular program, make sure you download the 2008 Summer Camp Guide or go to the pertinent web pages to learn what adventures await you and your son.

Directions to Camp Bullowa

From Palisades Parkway: Take Exit 15 onto County Rte 106, head east towards Stony Point. Go approx 1.8 miles and make a Left onto County Route 47 N (Reservoir Road). Go approximately 1/2 mile to stop sign (Junction with Rte 108) & take hard Left onto Rte 108 (also known as West Main St.). Follow Rte 108 road approx 4/10 of a mile to intersection with Rt 65 (you will see Road closed/construction to your left at this intersection). Turn right and go about 1/10 of mile and bear right onto Rte 112 (Wayne Ave.) Follow Rte 112 to 4-way stop sign intersection. Turn left at 4-way stop intersection onto Franck Road, take first Right through Camp Bullowa Gateway.

(Commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers are not allowed on the Palisades Parkway. Please call for alternate directions.)

From 9W going South: Turn Right onto Wayne Ave. (Rte 112), just past Cove Deli & a Gulf gas station; turn Right onto Franck Road at 4-way stop intersection, take first Right through Camp Bullowa Gateway.

From 9W going North: Turn Left onto Wayne Ave. (Rte 112) just before Gulf gas station; turn Right onto Franck Road at 4-way stop intersection, take first Right through Camp Bullowa Gateway.

Home Post

About US
The Hudson Valley Council Boy Scouts of America is comprised of five counties. In New York state there is Sullivan, Orange, Rockland and Dutchess Counties. In Pennsylvania we serve Eastern Pike County.
Through the efforts of approximately 4,200 adult volunteers, the Council serves almost 11,000 youth.
Our Council operates two camps. Camp Nooteeming in Salt Point, Dutchess County which has weekend camping and during the summer Cub Scout day and resident camping. Camp Bullowa is located in Stony Point, Rockland County which also has weekend camping and during the summer conducts cub scout day camp.

Mission: The mission of the Hudson Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Scout Oath: On my honor I will do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent

Vision Statement: The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

Getting To camp

Getting to camp can be made much easier if you  have the right equipment to help you get there. For our recommendation check out these guys we were very happy with their prices and selection. They also featured a great piano moving category from an assortment of different vendors. Let us know about your experience with them.


Urgent Message From The Council President:

Dear Friends of the Hudson Valley Council,

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Eric Chamberlin, our Executive Director has accepted a position with the Northern New Jersey Boy Scout Council. Eric will become the Director of Finance Services for the Northern New Jersey Boy Scout Council effective March 16, 2007. The Northern New Jersey Council serves more than 23,000 young people and has an operating budget of over $3,700,000.